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Funny :

 We understand that each person has his own understanding of “funny”. Therefore, we only ask that your submitted article or story has a humorous tone. Whether this humorous tone is “funny” is another question. But be assured that we do our best to pick only those funny articles and stories that make the reader smile and reflect on the absurdities of this world. That’s our commitment. So before you submit article or story, make sure it is your best and funniest.

Insightful. Lots of things happen in the world every day. But are all of them worth writing about? Probably not. If you believe that something minor is worth writing about, then we’d love to hear about it. We’d love to hear about it as long as you put an interesting spin on it and turn this seemingly mundane event into something weird and funny, or at least funny. So before you submit writing to our site, reread it and ask yourself: “Does it contain any interesting insights about human behavior?” If it does, submit it. If it does not, add something interesting and insightful, something psychological that would add a third dimension. We know you can, so do it!

  • Weird. This is optional but preferred. We are all a little weird here.

The technical requirements are:

  • Have to contain at least 300 words. The length of your work is not as important as its quality, however.
  • Have 0 links to overly commercial sites. Everyone has a different understanding of “overly commercial site”. But in our opinion, it is the site that has little content and many ads.



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